After sixty-four years of ministry, over twenty books written, and serving on at least two continents, Wayne Mack gives a virtuoso course on counseling in less than 160 pages. This book is an overview of what Mack calls the 8 "I"s of biblical counseling. The "I"s are: Involvement, Inspiration, Inventory, Interpretation, Instruction, Inducement, Implementation, and Integration. He provides a brief yet thorough description of each area and how it impacts an example counseling case.

Much more than an overview, the book presents a concise explanation of how to engage and develop a counseling relationship for God's glory. The introduction includes a helpful theological presentation on foundational issues a biblical counselor must grasp. Understanding these areas prepares a counselor to rightly counsel the Word. Being such a short text leaves little room for extended explanations. This is problematic as I found myself wanting more descriptions or examples. The book is a quick read, but it is one that will need to be read several times to digest all the lessons.

This book presents a different perspective to the counseling process. It can be used as a sharpening stone for the seasoned counselor or refresher for one who needs to go back to the basics. For the new counselor it is a concise introduction to a system that will be useful throughout a counseling career.

The counseling perspective given by Mack is helpful and instructive. It would be a helpful guide for structuring a student notebook for learning how to do biblical counseling. Also, the book is organized for the reader to learn the content. Mack builds a foundation (theology) then he puts up the walls and roof (process and application). This book has been a helpful addition to my library and I encourage anyone who is interested in counseling to read this text.