I found a podcast series by Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones and listened to several of the messages on my drive last week. The podcast led me to find the website of Martin Lloyd Jones Trust. This is an official site containing his sermon library. This has been a gold mine of encouragement, challenge, and learning. The site offers hours of messages covering much of his time in ministry, as well as some interviews with Lloyd-Jones.

Lloyd-Jones has the ability to take a text and apply it to theology and life for the glory of God. He smoothly moves through a section wringing out the content and application from each verse and expositing each nuance. His theology is deep, applicable, and grounded in Scripture.

The podcasts of his sermons are offered at no cost and the recordings are well preserved and clear. The sermon library contains an incredible amount of content for the Christian to use as an aid to growth and encouragement. I have found the library helpful in my Ephesians preparation. There is a subscribe option that allows one to access tools for organizing a play list. Also the sermons can be downloaded for off line listening.

After discovering this site I have been listening to messages during my commutes (including a rather long commute to Las Vegas, NV). I have been challenged in many areas of my personal and professional life. As a devotional aid, they are helpful as a reminder of how preaching can remain relevant when it focuses on expositing the text. I have been led to thinking differently about some areas I thought I understood.

These sermons would be useful for counselors or pastors who are helping someone struggling with some area of concern or with general growth issues. There is a search function that allows for searching topically for messages addressing particular passages and applications.

I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to be encouraged by a pastor who teaches the deep things of faith.