Disclaimer: Dr Scott was my professor when I attended SBTS. I have high regard for Dr. Scott and consider him one of the best biblical counselors active today. However, I have sought to render an unbiased opinion on the web site and its content.

One-Eighty Ministries is local church focused and offers a wide variety of helpful services for a church to follow the path of biblical soul care. The services include direct counseling as well as church consulting/training.

Scott provides a helpful definition of Biblical Counseling for those who are starting to investigate counseling methods. His focus on offering gracious care and hope to those in the body of Christ sets a needed high bar for the pastor who desires to shepherd his people.

The ministry offers information for those who are interested in utilizing the services. If you are a church interested in pursuing soul care through biblical counseling, this ministry would be very helpful. There are several basic resources available at the site, for both counselors and conselees. Also, they provide a topical list of helpful books for one who needs to be encouraged in some area of life. The podcast has helpful information for the counselor and Christian seeking insight into various topics.

If you are an individual who is looking for articles and direct resources for growth, this site will fall short. However, they do provide direct counseling to people based on a fee schedule.  The audience for this site seems to be churches/congregations that desire to improve their ministry to individuals within the body of Christ through biblical soul care.

As a resource for ministers there are several things that are helpful for reference, quick searches, and overall reminders, especially in the podcasts. Also, if a pastor is looking for insight into re-evaluating discipleship and counseling within his congregation, this ministry would be a great resource in that move.

For the student or new counselor, Scott offers helpful insight to consider as one decides on pursuing biblical counseling for personal help or as a pastoral vocation. His site provides information that is both concise and complete.