A couple of weeks ago I posted about the MLJ Trust as a great resource for growth for the pastor or Christian. The trust has also put a podcast together that focuses on Lloyd-Jones' lectures on preaching. These lectures were delivered at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia in 1969.  The content is amazingly contemporary for today's church. The issues he addresses could have been discussed at the elders' meeting last Thursday (metaphorically).

These lectures were meant for preachers. Each topic strikes at the heart of preaching within the church. He talks of preaching and the preacher. In eighteen roughly hour long sessions, Lloyd-Jones teaches a master class on preaching. The insights he shares are deep and though provoking. I may say even life changing for the preacher. This should be required listening for any seminary student.

This podcast is great commuting material, listen slowly repeat if necessary. I wanted to take notes, but I was driving. However I found myself rewinding to listen to some parts a second time.

I had lunch with one of my pastors last week. Jeremy and I were discussing preaching in general. I mentioned that I had started listening to this series on my commute to work. He told me that he had started listening as well. I had told him about finding the podcast two weeks before and he is listening through the eighteen lectures. We both were greatly encouraged to use this resource as a way to develop us into better preachers.

Lloyd-Jones theology springs from the Bible, he roots everything in his understanding of God through the Word. His perspectives on preaching come from deep convictions about the character and nature of God.

Hearing him speak these words resounds in the heart more than reading the book. Listening to the lectures made me want to read the book as a reminder of what he taught. These lectures are free and can be an encouragement during a long car trip or a daily commute.

If you are more inclined to read, the lectures have been published in book form. It is called, Preaching and Preachers. I will put a link for the book, the MLJ Trust web site, and Preaching and Preachers podcast.