The first week of January is a great time for introspection and renewal. We talk about resolutions and commitments to exercise and healthy eating. I tend toward establishing a course for the new year in regard to what I will study and what we will read as a family in the evenings. Having just come out of a season of emphasis on the incarnation of Christ, both personally and with my family, the foundation has been established for the coming year. Now as I am looking toward what I will study, I like to revisit some basic theology. This looking at basic theology is something I picked up from my pastor in New Jersey. He would commit the beginning of the year to revisiting basics. Looking at these basic ideas and concepts renews our commitment to them. Being reminded helps us to remember why we hold to these ideas. Revisiting truth, gives us time to meditate and grow as we remember and apply basic doctrines.

I started back to my usual commute the second day of January. I usually use the time to call my Mom, and to listen to things I think are important or sometime entertaining. Usually I am looking to use the time to grow in my faith. My commute is about 45 minutes (I also listen during my workouts, if I feel like it). It is a great time to listen to Scripture or a podcast/sermon. I happened to find that Ligonier Ministries started the year with a flashback to RC Sproul's teaching through the acrostic "TULIP." This acrostic has been around for hundreds of years. It is a handy devise for understanding the Reformed variation of the Christian faith. It fit perfectly as a reminder of some basic theological concepts.

I commend listening to these five podcasts (presented the 1-5 January 2023). They are short, and packed with insight into these doctrines. The podcasts are free, which is always nice. I have included the link to make it easier to access. As always, tell me what you think by sending me a note on the contact page.